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How to delete all contacts in your iPhone ?
Solution 1: through iTunes. There are a lot step by step guide about this, so I would not repeat this here.
Solution 2: through iphone apps. From version 2.0, VeryLock LT, a free iphone app, implemented full functionality of contact management for iphone. Just download the app and install it from apple store and follow the instruction below, you can easily manage contacts on your iphone:
1. create passwords.
2. click Contacts on main page.
3. click the tool button on right bottom, and choose “import from phone contacts”.
4. Now you can see all your phone contacts, choose some contacts you want to delete, or you can click the select all button to select all.
5. click the tool button on right top, and choose “delete”.
6. Confirm the alert window.
7. that’s it.

Is it easy enough?

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