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1.Use your iPhone as a private storage device

Wherever you go, iPhone is with you. So store your useful information in iphone is very Handy. How about you private info? like bank related, relative’s contact info and your private photoes. Worrying about your private info exposure due to losing your iphone? I will recommend VeryLock, a $2.99 App can definitely help you.
With VeryLock you can store the following information in your iPhone:

1) Bank account number, debit card/credit card number , pin number/expiry date/cvv number and telephone bank password, etc;
2) Online login information including online banking, social network, email, blog, etc;
3) Text information like notes, diary and even novels;
4) Contact information for friends and relatives;
5) Photos.

With VeryLock , everything you stored is protected by triple DES or AES-256(for photos) encryption, which are well known for the safest encryption. In addition, VeryLock implemented double password protection, add another layer of shield on your privacy.
Especially, I will recommend the smart “auto fill in” feature of VeryLock. When you store website login info, the URL field is clickable, and when it opens in the browser, your username and password is magically there. Is it convenient for your login?

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