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Why use VeryLock?
Everybody has private information and keeping it in your iPhone is very convenient. However, you will risk exposure of your privacy if the phone is misplaced or stolen. That is where VeryLock comes in. Information stored in VeryLock  is encrypted and requires passwords to be accessed. It makes your phone a safe and handy privacy keeper.

What kind of information you can save with VeryLock ?
1) Bank account number, debit card/credit card number , pin number/expiry date/cvv number and telephone bank password, etc
2) Online login information including online banking, social network, email, blog, etc
VeryLock uses embedded browser when you launch a URL, and will auto fill in the login form with intimation you stored.
3) Text information like notes, diary and even novels
4) Contact information for friends and relatives
5) Photos. VeryLock will keep your private photos grouped and you can import pictures from phone album or take directly using camera.

Is VeryLock safe?
Everything VeryLock saves is encrypted and your passwords are the key for encryption. VeryLock uses triple DES or AES-256(for photos) algorithm , which are well known for the safest encryption method.
To better protect your privacy, VeryLock implemented double password protection, simple password and complex password (optional). Complex password has variable length and can be as long as 16 characters. We recommend you add complex password for your important information.

Why VeryLock need Location Service to access your phone album?
Photos are larger in size than text messages, so we choose to use iOS’s low level interface to import pictures from phone albums for better performance. Verylock will ask for your permission to access Location Service. This way, VeryLock can import hundreds of pictures at a time.

Why can’t Verylock delete imported photos from your album?
Due to Apple’s restriction policy , all apps can only run in its sandbox, which has no right to delete files not in the app’s folder.

What if can’t remember the URL ?
You can put google.com in the URL field temporally , then you can click on the URL and our embedded browser will take you to google so you can search the website you want. Once you find your website, you can click on the options button at the bottom and choose “use this link for the website” to save it.

Why can’t VeryLock auto fill in my login form?
First we we want to let you know that only website information you saved in Website auto fill in category have that feature. Please make sure you save it there if you need auto fill in feature. If you still can’t get login form filled in, click the options button at the bottom and choose “refill the page” or just click the refresh button.

How data back up works?
When you issue data backup command, VeryLock will pack all data along with photo into one file and put it in a folder which iTunes have access to. You can copy into your computer with iTunes. To restore a backup, you just copy the file back through iTunes and execute data restore command. VeryLock will delete the backup file after the restore.

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